La Gelsomina Farmhouse on Etna is the result of a process that began in the 1980s, when engineer Alfio Turrisi decided to give his father a unique place, almost suspended between A Muntagna and the sea: La Gelsomina.

15 hectares of vineyards, orchards and olive groves, where the most representative cultivars of the former Mascali Country are grown.

The care and passion with which each green corner is treated and the desire to grow and improve step by step have transformed a place that was already suggestive by nature into a high expression of human dexterity.
Soon La Gelsomina became a winery and from 2018, with the collaboration of Tenute Orestiadi, wine tourism began to take shape, culminating with the opening of 6 rooms in 2021, becoming La Gelsomina Farmhouse on Etna.


Located on the North-Eastern slope of Mount Etna, La Gelsomina Farmhouse is less than half an hour from Taormina and Catania, from the beautiful Sicilian coawst and from the ski lifts. From the sea to the mountains, from trekking to cultural visits to the city, the farmhouse staff will be able to recommend the most suitable entertainment activities according to the interests of individuals guests.


La Gelsomina Farmhouse on Etna offers its guests an articulated pedestrian pathway for those who love walking in the countryside and a basketball court and football pitch for those who want to train even on holiday. Visit to the winery are organised daily with tastings of the wines produced on the farm and, periodically, shows and evening entertainment events.
There are various conventions for excursions to Mount Etna or in the surrounding area and a relaxation area surrounded by nature is available for guests.